Don’t Let Creating Content Be Another Thing Stressing You Out

...Monthly Instagram Stock Photos, Customizable Caption Templates, and a Community of Thousands of Like-Minded Hairstylists to Support You!

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Show Up Consistently on Instagram Without Feeling Overwhelmed

With The Social Suite, it takes less than 5 minutes a day to choose a gorgeous stock photo and pair it with a customizable caption that’s strategically designed to convert followers into paying clients!

Always have something to post...even when you don’t know what to say

Never again worry about what to say on Instagram! It’s overwhelming enough feeling like you need to constantly post. With The Social Suite, you literally have dozens of pictures and customizable captions to help you post more consistently and take all the pressure off of you.

Get accountability, support, and make friends with like-minded hairstylists

Social Suite Members get access to a private Facebook community specifically for hairstylists like you who are growing their businesses with Instagram. Ask questions, get feedback, and learn from the other members!

Does Instagram feel like one more thing you have to keep up with?

If you’re a hairstylist who wants to get more dream clients who you LOVE working with, who pay higher-end prices, and who VALUE your time and your work (a.k.a. bringing in photos of your work to their appointment)…

...but between processing clients, washing color bowls, and disinfecting every square inch of your salon every 15 minutes it feels impossible to find the time to post on Instagram...

...let alone, once you get home, you're exhausted from standing on your feet all day and mentally drained, the last thing you want to do is sit down, find something to post, and then write a good caption...

I want you to know you don’t have to do everything by yourself.

A few years ago, when I was using Instagram to build my clientele, it was really important for me to consistently be showing up on Instagram for not only my current clients, but also for those potential dream clients considering booking an appointment.

That meant consistently posting gorgeous photos that my followers wanted to see...along with authentic, engaging captions that they loved reading.

It can be overwhelming, though!

And in my own journey, I often remember coming home exhausted after a long day in the salon, sitting on the couch, and staring at my phone for an hour.

I remember feeling like every free moment I had outside of the salon was spent figuring out what to post on Instagram. It felt like another job and I was getting over it.

I wished that I had some help with taking beautiful photos and knowing what to say in the caption.

Not only is it stressful to feel like you have to be on Instagram all the time...

...but if you’re like me, you might even feel GUILTY for accidentally ghosting your followers for a week because you don’t know what to post or what to say (oops!).


What if you had an Instagram toolkit that gave you authentic, unique captions and stunning photos that you can post when you’re in a pinch?

What if you could get back hours of your time every week from trying to figure out what to post and instead just have a collection of ready-to-post beautiful photos and engaging captions to choose from?

Imagine never having to worry about what to post if you forget to take pictures of clients.

Imagine having someone giving you custom prompts for your captions so you never have to settle on another boring caption (or figure out the perfect thing to say) for that hair photo you worked so hard on

And imagine having your Instagram content strategically designed to turn followers into dream clients…

You in?

Join the Social Suite for Hairstylists Monthly Membership today

Here’s what you get for your membership....

45 gorgeous new stock photos each and every month to keep your Instagram page looking fresh (and unique) and keep you posting consistently for your audience

15 customizable caption templates and prompts so that you don't have to worry about coming up with new captions all the time...Plus, they’re designed to get your followers to become clients! 

A BRAND NEW Instagram Strategy Mini Training each month to help you learn how to strategically use your Instagram to attract new clients and get them to book with you!

A surprise bonus bundle each month of digital assets including like IG Highlight Cover Photos, IG Story Templates, and Graphic Posts to help your page look cohesive and further increase your engagement with your followers!

Access to a private Facebook community where you can get feedback and connect with other like-minded hairstylists who are also focused on growing their business behind the chair just like you

The entire Social Suite Membership is designed to help you create a thriving business using Instagram without all the stress and overwhelm that comes with creating content.

Along with all the monthly digital assets and The Social Suite community, you can finally feel confident with your Instagram knowing that you are growing the type of business you want and love!  



Here's how a few of our members have incorporated the stock photos into their pages and made the content their own!

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How does The Social Suite for Hairstylists work?


Join the Social Suite for Hairstylists membership and get access to 45+ images and 15+ caption templates that get people engaging. Each month, you will get instant access to 45 stunning stock photos exclusively for hairstylists. Plus, you’ll get access to 15+ customizable templates and prompts that are strategically designed to help turn your followers into paying clients.


Login to your Social Suite membership. On the 1st of the month, you’ll get The Social Suite Core Content including your first set of 35 Stock Photos, the 15 Caption Templates + Prompts, and your Monthly BONUS of Digital Assets. Then on the 15th of the month, you’re going to get access to an Instagram Strategy of the Month MINI TRAINING. And lastly, on the 25th of the month, you’re going to get access to the Finish Strong Stock Photos Pack with 10 more stock photos to give you even more content before the month ends!


Customize to your business. Download the photos and pair with the captions, or use your own captions if you’re feeling inspired. 


Join the Social Suite community on Facebook to connect with other like-minded hairstylists!

Here's what a few of our members have to say about The Social Suite:

Rene became a hairstylist at the beginning of lockdown, but joined The Social Suite soon after and within 4 months, she built a FULL clientele of dream clients and got fully booked for the rest of the year!

"Social Suite is a big time saver! It has boosted my consistency and my brand!

I've seen more comments, likes, and messages....AND I’ve gotten a lot more compliments from my clients when they come into the salon!" - Helaina

"Before joining, I kept finding myself not posting as much because there was too much pressure. I didn't plan ahead, I couldn't come up with anything.

Now after joining, I can really make the content my own and it makes the process of Instagram SO much easier as takes the pressure off. I find myself posting a lot more because it's so much easier.

It's a no-brainer, it can work for anyone whether you have a small following or big following!" - Jessica

"The community was so helpful, if I had a question, I knew someone could help me!

The people in there are awesome! It's unlike any other group or community I'm a part of! The amount of feedback and encouragement and support, is really cool! There are always new ideas each month, I never feel stuck!

It makes planning so much easier, it has eliminated SO much stress! It's worth every penny!" - Jen


Do I have to give credit when using the stock photos?

Nope! You don't have to give photo credit when sharing or posting. Once purchased, you are free to use the images an unlimited number of times, edit the images as you wish and no credit needs to be given. However, we ask you not to re-sell, share, or distribute the images to any person or third party.

Where can I use the stock photos?

You can use them anywhere you'd like! They are designed to be used for Instagram, but can absolutely be used on your other social media sites, your website, blog posts, business cards, wherever! We've had past members use them on their brochures, gift certificates, business cards, websites, and so much more!

Is this content only for hairstylists or would it work for other beauty professionals?

The stock photos and caption templates are specifically designed for hairstylists as they include props such as shears, color brushes, clips, etc and would most likely not pertain to other beauty professionals.

Do you show certain brands or products in the photos?

Nope! Jamie specifically photographs the photos to not include any brands or products (besides brushes and tools) in the photos so they can be used no matter what retail line you carry or color line you use!

What if I specialize in a certain type of hair or certain techniques, will this membership be right for me and the type of content I usually post?

The stock photos and caption templates are intentionally diverse so that YOUR clients can see themselves in your Instagram. No matter what kind of hair or techniques you specialize in, you’ll always find photos and captions that will work for you!

So if you specialize in cutting, coloring, Black hair, curly hair, bridal hair, extensions, etc...then these captions & stock photos are designed to fit around the needs of YOU and your clients.

As you can see above in our member's page, each person has used the photos to fit their brand and highlight their other content such as their hair photos, photos of themselves, and salon photos!

Won’t my followers see the photos on other hairstylists pages? I’ve seen Social Suite photos on Instagram before.

We're not surprised you would ask that! In fact, we're not surprised you’ve seen them on Instagram before!

The reason why is, as stylists, we tend to follow a LOT of other stylists on Instagram, in fact, probably your whole feed is other stylists, salons, and hair educators!

BUT if you are trying to attract local clients to your chair, then most of your followers will be potential clients. And most potential clients will only be following one (or maybe two) hairstylists or salons. They aren’t going to be following a million stylists like you are!

So yes, they maaaaay come across another Social Suite photo one time as they are scrolling their feed, but that is another reason why each month, you’ll get access to 30+ stock photos and each stock photo set has different variations to give you option and so that even if the other stylist they are following uses a similar photo set, it most likely won’t be the same photo as yours.

And remember, your content is typically only shown to about 3% of your audience because of the algorithm.

So…even if they do follow a few stylists, and they happen to be one of the 3% that gets shown that particular photo, they’d have to REMEMBER they saw it and see the exact same photo on your page.

You’re right, it could happen, but the chances are pretty slim.

And just like the examples from our members above, you can see how by curating the photos, adding your own edits or crops, and incorporating it with your own content, how you can really make it your own and show off your unique brand!

Do I get access to past month's content?

You only get access to the months you have purchased or have been an active member.

What types of things will be included in the surprise bundle of digital assets?

Each month you'll get a surprise bonus bundle which may include things such as Instagram Story Highlight Cover Photos, Instagram Story Templates, PDFs, Guides, Quote Photos, Customizable Canva Templates with Tutorials, etc.

How long do I keep my Member rate? Will the price ever go up?

As long as you stay an active member, you will keep your rate locked in! Meaning you'll keep the same rate no matter how much the price goes up in the future!

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yep! You can cancel your membership at any time by emailing our support email ( Each Term shall automatically renew for subsequent periods of the same length as the initial Term unless either party gives the other written notice. You MUST email us at least 7 days before your billing date in order to not be billed for the next month or the next year, whichever timeframe you subscribed to. 

Can I get a refund if I don't like the content?

Your satisfaction with The Social Suite Membership is important to us. However, because of the nature of downloadable digital products, we have a no refund policy. Unless otherwise provided by law, you understand and acknowledge all sales are final, and no refunds will be provided at any time.

What is the difference between this and your online program, RISE Social Academy?

We have gotten this question, so you're not alone with wondering what the difference between the two is! We actually created a whole page to share what the difference is and to see which one would be right for you! Click here to read all about it!

I hope that helped answer some of your questions, but if you have another one I didn’t cover, feel free to chat with us here or shoot us an email to and we will make sure you get it answered! 

Who Is Jamie Dana?

From successful 6-figure hairstylist to business mentor, Jamie has been helping hairstylists gain more clients with Instagram for the past 4 years.

With her signature online program, RISE Social Academy, Jamie has helped thousands of hairstylists completely transform their lives, make more money, and attract their absolute dream clients!

After listening to her audience and students over the past year, she heard what hairstylists needed the most when it came to Instagram and that's when she decided to create The Social Suite.

She truly wants to see hairstylists have a thriving business behind the chair and she believes Instagram is one of the best ways to get you there!


Here's a few more of our member's pages and how they've incorporated the content into their pages + brands!


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