What's the Difference between RISE Social Academy™ and The Social Suite?!

I wanted to create a page that would help you understand the difference between the two and how they fit together.

Overall, my biggest desire is to see hairstylists have a thriving business behind the chair.

Instagram® is the best way to grow your business as a hairstylist and for that reason, I made it my mission to create tools and programs that would help you be a successful stylist with Instagram while not getting overwhelmed and stressed with everything there is to do with the platform. 



RISE Social Academy™ is a step by step online program that teaches hairstylists the strategy of exactly how to share what they do on Instagram® so that they can attract more of the right kind of clients which leads to loving their job and making more money!

Inside the program, I am going to give you a roadmap of everything you need to know about how to best utilize Instagram® to actually grow your business. You are getting access to the strategies and techniques that not only I have used to grow my business, but thousands of other hairstylists have used to grow theirs.

The entire program is broken down into 8 Modules (think like chapters in a book) and inside those modules are filled with 55+ video lessons and printable workbooks + PDFs to help you retain and implement the strategies you are learning so that you can start to see progress and growth with your Instagram® page. 

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In order to use that roadmap, a big part of what you will learn inside of RISE Social Academy™ is posting consistently on Instagram®.

The Social Suite is a powerful tool to take off some of the pressure of taking photos and writing captions (by giving you stock photos and caption templates) to supplement what you’re already doing and help save you time. 

You can think of The Social Suite like a calculator you’d use during your college course. It’s a tool to make your life a LOT easier and do some of the work for you!

The doors to The Social Suite are currently closed, but we plan to re-open them in late 2022.


RISE Social Academy™ gives you the strategy to help guide you through the process and The Social Suite helps keep you on track by giving you a tool (stock photos/caption templates) to help take away the stress of creating content all the time.

They both go hand in hand and designed to fit perfectly together (almost like chocolate and peanut butter! You can't imagine one without the other ;) )

Like I mentioned at the top, both of these things serve two totally different purposes, but they are both designed to make your life as a hairstylist as easy as possible so you can start to see results that grow your business in the direction you want it to go.  


What is the price difference?

RISE Social Academy™ is a one time payment of $497 or 6 monthly payments of $97.

Once you have purchased the RISE Social Academy™ program, you get LIFETIME access meaning you automatically get any upgrades or updates we make to the program in the future! There are NO renewal fees! Once you’re in, you’re in!

We have had students that have been in the program for the past 6 years and they have gotten SO many updates over the years, the program has paid for itself 10x over!

Whereas The Social Suite is a monthly membership subscription. The doors to the membership are currently closed, but when they open again, it will be priced at $30+ a month as long as you’re a member.  

I see that The Social Suite also comes with a Facebook group, is that the same type of group as RISE Social Academy's™ Facebook group?

The Facebook group that is part of The Social Suite is community-led meaning I don’t answer questions in that group. It is more for community support, feedback, and accountability with other stylists who are growing their business like you.

For the RISE Social Academy™ Facebook Group, my team is in the group on a daily basis answering your questions and giving feedback on what you’re working on. This group is more intimate and you’re surrounded by other stylists who are in the same place you are with their journey using Instagram® which creates a deep community and support system.

If you have any other questions that were not answered here or are still wondering which program/membership is right for you, feel free to send us an email to support@jamiedana.com and we can get it answered for you there!