What's the Difference between The Social Suite and RISE Social Academy?!

I’ve gotten asked this question quite a bit since I launched The Social Suite and I totally see why you would ask that!

I wanted to create a page that would help you understand the difference between the two and how they fit together.

Overall, my biggest desire is to see hairstylists have a thriving business behind the chair.

Instagram is the best way to grow your business as a hairstylist and for that reason, I made it my mission to create tools and programs that would help you be a successful stylist with Instagram while not getting overwhelmed and stressed with everything there is to do with the platform. 


One of the biggest struggles I constantly heard from hairstylists is 1) I don't have time to take good photos for my Instagram AND 2) I hate writing captions because I never know what to say!

This is why I created The Social Suite! To give you tools to make your life easier, help you save time, and also let you enjoy Instagram again!

The Social Suite is a monthly membership that delivers different "tools" to take off some of the pressure of taking photos and writing captions (by giving you stock photos and caption templates) to supplement what you’re already doing and help save you time.

Let's say building your Instagram is like building a house.

In order to build the house, you'd absolutely want some instructions, that's what comes inside RSA. RSA is your step by step blueprint telling you where to start and what to do next.

And in order to build a house, you need tools like a hammer and nails. Inside RSA, I show you how to "find" those tools (hammer + nails), but those are some basic tools to get you started. However, if you wanted to speed up the process or make it easier on yourself, you might want to invest in some more robust tools.

That's where The Social Suite comes in! You could think of The Social Suite like your fancy nail gun! By investing in a more robust tool, it will help you get the job done faster, the final product looks more professional, and it takes way less work + energy for you!

Inside of you monthly membership, you'll also get Monthly Mini Trainings that are quick and digestible to help you start learning strategies on what's working for hairstylists on Instagram right now!

The Social Suite costs less than $1 a DAY! Isn't getting your time back worth more than $1?!

Become a Social Suite Member!


Rise Social Academy is a step by step online program that teaches hairstylists the strategy of exactly how to share what they do on Instagram so that they can attract more of the right kind of clients which leads to loving their job and making more money!  

Inside RSA™, I am going to give you a "blueprint" of everything you need to know about how to best utilize Instagram to actually grow your business. You are getting access to the strategies and techniques that not only I have used to grow my business, but thousands of other hairstylists have used to grow theirs.  

The entire program is broken down into 8 Modules (think like chapters in a book) and inside those modules are filled with 65+ video lessons and printable workbooks + PDFs to help you retain and implement the strategies you are learning so that you can start to see progress and growth with your Instagram page. 

Not only do you get the complete training program, but for the first 10 weeks, you get access to me (and my awesome team) to get my feedback, have me answer your questions, and help keep you accountable through the program.  

I don’t offer any one on one coaching, nor do I teach in-person classes at the moment. This is the only way you can work closely with me and get me to answer your burning Instagram questions.  

You could think of the RISE Social Academy program as your step by step blueprint telling you exactly where to start and what to do next to build the Instagram of your dreams that helps to actually grow your business!

The doors to RSA are currently closed, but will be opening back up in June 2021! We'll be announcing the pricing packages and all the details to those who are on the waitlist first!


RISE Social Academy™ gives you the strategy and closer access to me to answer your questions and help guide you through the process and The Social Suite helps keep you on track by giving you a tool (stock photos/caption templates) to help take away the stress of creating content all the time.

They both go hand in hand and designed to fit perfectly together (almost like chocolate and peanut butter! You can't imagine one without the other ;))

Like I mentioned at the top, both of these things serve two totally different purposes, but they are both designed to make your life as a hairstylist as easy as possible so you can start to see results that grow your business in the direction you want it to go.  


What is the price difference?

The Social Suite is a monthly membership subscription that is $30 a month, but it literally breaks down to less than $1 a day! Or if you decide to choose the yearly subscription, you get 2 months free and it breaks down to $.82 a day!

The pricing of RSA™ is not publicly available right now because each time we open the doors to the program, we offer different packages and bonuses so that could make the pricing fluctuate each time. The pricing for RSA™ is a one time payment including lifetime access to the program. Meaning, it's NOT a subscription, one you've paid it, you're in for life! Because of this, the program is a much bigger investment.

If I'm NOT in RISE Social Academy, should I join The Social Suite right now or wait?

If you are not already a student of RSA™, The Social Suite is the perfect place to start! It will help you get started on building your Instagram and save you time in the process! I would not recommend waiting, in fact, we've had SO many Social Suite members say this was exactly what they needed to get started and they've seen incredible results from this membership alone!

If I'm already an RISE Social Academy member, would The Social Suite be right for me?

If you ARE an RSA™ student already, this is a great addition to the training you have access to inside RSA™! The Social Suite will help you keep posting consistently and save you SO much time because you're able to substitute these photos and captions on top of the amazing content you're already creating!

I created The Social Suite with you in mind! It's designed to go together perfectly!

I see that The Social Suite comes with a Facebook group, is that the same type of group as the Facebook group that comes with RISE Social Academy?

The Facebook group that is part of The Social Suite is community led, meaning I don’t answer questions in that group, it is more for community support, feedback, and accountability with other stylists who are growing their business like you.

It's a place where you can go and see what other Social Suite members are doing and how they are creatively incorporating the stock photos and captions into their content. There are SO many amazing ideas being shared in that group daily!

Whereas, with RSA, you're put into our 10 week group coaching. That group is a much higher-touch group meaning you get access to me and my team. Either myself or someone from my team is in the group on a daily basis answering your questions and giving feedback on what you’re working on. This group is more intimate and you’re surrounded by other stylists who are in the same place you are with their journey using Instagram® which creates a deep community and support system.

PLUS, every single week, I host a live coaching call in the group to go through each module alongside you and to answer any of your questions from that week!

After the 10 week group coaching, you’ll get added into our RSA alumni group where you can interact with our alumni students who have been through the program for the past 5 years. This is a huge resource for those of you who are looking for an invested community of stylists and salon owners who understand what you are going through and learning. 

If you have any other questions that were not answered here or are still wondering which program/membership is right for you, feel free to send us an email to jamie@jamiedana.com and we can get it answered for you there!