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What would your life look like if you could actually grow your business using your Instagram page? 

When you first created your Instagram profile, did you realize the impact it could have?  

That your page, your photos, the words inside your bio + captions could actually change the trajectory of your business? Think about that. The things you do on Instagram could actually lead you to a life of loving your job, reigniting your passion for hair, making insanely good money, being able to take more time off, and ultimately, creating the life you want.

Picture YOU:

  •  Booked up 3 months in advanced
  •  Confidently raising your prices
  •  Having clients wait months to book with you
  •  Easily selling out your educational classes
  •  Consistently attracting dream clients 
  •  Getting noticed by big hair companies 
  •  And making amazing money...

All, by spending less than an hour a day on your Instagram page. 

Sounds too good to be true? 


You’ve been feeling… 


You feel overwhelmed with seeing other stylists having huge success on Instagram. They (seemingly) effortlessly gain 1000s of new followers while you’re still on square one. You feel burnt out with all you have to do to be successful on Instagram.


Let’s get real: Instagram has been more frustrating than fun for you. You think you’re doing all the right things, but you’re still up and down. You’re getting no new followers, and definitely no new clients. You want to grow your business and start bringing new clients in, but feel stuck with what to do or where to go next.


a) you’re not a photographer b) you’re not tech savvy c) you doubt yourself and wonder: did I get the hashtags right? Does my page look like a mess? Is my page cohesive enough? How many pictures should I post a day? How do I even use Instagram correctly?!

#pullingmyhairout #whyisntitworking #omgineedhelp

Perhaps you’re even thinking… 


My photos will never be Insta-worthy? 

My clients are too normal/boring for Instagram?  

I put in all this effort, but I still get ZERO client inquiries? 

Something has to change because what you're currently doing is not working. That's where I come in.

Hey, I'm Jamie Dana...

… and I’m here to help you take over Instagram and grow your business. 

Like you, I used to be intimidated by all the big Instagram stars and think… 

“How the heck am I ever going to be that successful?!” 

Then I started studying their secrets and what I learned completely transformed my business: It all comes down to having a strategy in place and being consistent. 

After a lot of trial and error, I’ve developed a simple strategy that’ll help you master Instagram and WOW your followers into clients – so you can grow your business!

I went from making $152.50 a week (including tips) to making easily over $1000 a day working in the salon.

I went from begging people to be my clients to people waiting months to get on my schedule.

In Oh Hot GRAM, you’re getting the insider’s perspective.

I’m giving you the behind the scenes of what helped me grow from 1600 followers and the occasional new client inquiry, to over 64k followers and so many client inquiries I was booked out for months with a wait list!

I was charging premium prices, only working with my dream clients, and making a ton of money!

I want to help you do the same!  

Thinking these kinds of results are not possible for you? 

 Then check out what my alumni have to say! 


“I am 100% more confident in my ability to share my work with others through Instagram. 

I'm no longer posting aimlessly and hoping for the best. I now have a set goal and plan as to what my clients are looking for in my Instagram! 

 Within just a few weeks of implementing your techniques into my Instagram, I'm excited to say that my business is growing!” 

- Katie Nicole Lustig @hairbyKatieNicole

"I felt lost when it came to Instagram. 

I follow tons of hairstylists and they had very professional looking pages and as much as I tried I was missing something. 

This course filled in the holes for me! I knew the basics, but Jamie gives great tips and I love being able to personally ask her questions! 

Now my page looks professional and clean and I'm growing everyday!" - Ashlee Cole @ashleec615

“I purchased this program because I felt like there was something I was missing about Instagram that I couldn't figure out! 

Most of my new clients this past month have all been through Instagram! 

It's so exciting to hear them say, "I found you with "this" hashtag and all your work looked amazing". 

I'm shocked by how many people use Instagram to find their hairstylists! I feel so confident using Instagram after this course as well as a business person!” - Jennifer Kerr @girlgonebronde


3 insanely good reasons why you need to get your buns on Instagram – STARTING TODAY!

REASON #1: Instagram is where your dream clients are 

 If you’re not on Instagram, or your page doesn’t represent the quality of your work – you’re missing out, letting countless potential clients slip through your fingers. As alumni Jennifer Kerr puts it: 

 “I'm shocked by how many people use Instagram to find their hairstylists!” 

 REASON #2: Instagram is the ultimate opportunity magnet 

 Got a cohesive, inspiring page? Then get ready for big pages to repost you, leading to educational opportunities, publicity, growth in your following, general “hype” around your brand and… a bigger bank account. 

 REASON #3: Instagram is where you connect with other stylists 

 Every artist needs a community of like-minded individuals – a place to share and grow together. Instagram is where you can learn refreshing and innovative ways to grow your business and share new techniques in the hair industry. #communityovercompetition. 

Whether you’re just starting out, or are a seasoned hairstylist – Instagram is a skill you HAVE to learn in our industry.

If you don’t, your clientele will shrink, and you’ll be unable to replace them with old marketing tactics. 

When I started out on Instagram, I had to figure it all out by myself – that’s exactly why I’ve created the resource I wish I’d had – so you can grow and monetize your following quickly and efficiently. 

I’m so excited to introduce you to...  

Oh Hot GRAM!

A step by step program that teaches hairstylists exactly how to share what they do on Instagram so that they can attract more of the right kind of clients which leads to loving their job and making more money!



 Grow your clientele. Get inspired. Meet other like-minded stylists.


Attract new clients. Hire talented stylists. Grow your local business.


Grow your educational platform. Get noticed. Become an influencer.  


Enroll today and you’ll get the complete learn-at-your-pace 

online training program, including… 

  • 7 value-stacked modules 
  • 22+ video classes to grow + monetize your Instagram 
  • 24/7 access to the membership site – starting TODAY! 
  • Printable workbooks, worksheet and handy checklists 
  • Goal sheets to track your progress 

You can watch the videos at your own convenience 

No need to travel or take notes 

Yoga pants allowed (heck, they’re mandatory!) 

You get life-long access to all materials (plus future updates) 


With Oh Hot GRAM you get 7, value-packed modules that’ll help you build and maintain a cohesive page that stands out from everyone else!

MODULE 1: Foundation 

Set up the foundation of your Instagram and get it right this time! No more futzing around on your own – instead, step-by-step instructions on how to build a profitable Instagram page. 

You’ll establish what your goal is and who you’re talking to. This is a hugely important step so many stylists miss (and why so many pages fall flat). Everything we do going forward revolves around this. 

Included are…. 

  • The Ultimate Goal: Setting Business Goals for your Instagram 
  • Dream Clients: Who are you talking to? 

MODULE 2: Branding

Now that you know what your goals are and who you’re talking to, we’re going to create your brand: a brand that’ll make your dream clients fall in love with you the second they see anything you post – turning them into followers, fans and returning clients. 

 Included are… 

  • Your Brand: Standing out from the crowd 
  • Specialty: Finding your Niche 

MODULE 3: Instagram Basics

Learn the Instagram basics so you can confidently lay out your page –100% frustration and overwhelm-free. I’ll walk you through how to use the Instagram app, plus I’ll show you how to build your page so that anyone landing on your page can’t but click the follow button. 

 Included are… 

  • Instagram App Overview and Training 
  • Basic Page Elements: Setting your page up for success 

MODULE 4: Visuals 

Wanna learn my photography and video secrets? Then you’ll love this module. I’ll share with you how to take breathtakingly beautiful photos and videos that show off your brand and make your dream clients drool all over your irresistible page. 

 I’ll also show you the essential equipment do’s and dont’s (for both camera and phone) so you can snap great pics in any situation – yes, even when the lighting sucks. 

Included are...

  • Photography Overview: Do’s and don’ts of taking hair photos 
  • Camera VS Phone: How to take amazing photos with both 
  • Editing Your Photos 
  • Lighting 101 
  • Video Posts: How to utilize video content 
  • Video editing: How to edit your videos

MODULE 5: Your Page

My favorite module! I’ll disclose how I’ve created a visually cohesive page that makes your followers + dream clients swoon. By the end of this module, you’ll have nailed your personal style, how to keep your page clean and cohesive, and… how to seal the deal between you and your followers.

Included are... 

  • Your Page Style: Deciding what kind of page you want 
  • Page Layout: Keep your page looking clean and cohesive 
  • Multiples: How to best use the multiple photo and video post feature
  • Captions: How to write captions that capture your audience 

MODULE 6: Growth

With your page beautifully laid out and set up for success, it’s now time for phase 2: growing an audience of engaged and targeted followers. PLUS, you’ll learn how to track your growth over time!

Included are... 

  • Growth: How to grow your page and following authentically
  • Hashtags: How to start attracting those dream clients
  • Analytics: How to track your growth 

MODULE 7: Putting it All Together

Get ready to see Instagram magic unfold! In this final module, we’ll put all the work you’ve done, together. I’ll give you the insider scoop on how to keep your page new and exciting, and share my secrets on how to easily maintain your Instagram page to continue your success. 

 Included are...

  • 65+ Post Ideas: Endless ideas to keep your page relevant 
  • Posting FAQs and the Nitty Gritty 
  • Maintenance: How to stay consistent with your Instagram page 


If you join Oh Hot GRAM today, you get these

4 Live Class Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus #1


Learn everything you need to use Instagram Stories and Instagram Live.  

These two features are your key to growing an engaged following who want to buy from you! I’ll show you the exact strategies I use to keep my audience engaged and fall more in love with me through Instagram Stories and Instagram Live.  


Bonus #2

Photo + Video RESOURCE GUIDE: The exact tools I use every day  

That’s right. I’m giving you the behind-the-scenes of all the tools I use for my Instagram every day. This bonus alone is worth the full price of Oh Hot GRAM: it took me years of trial and error to arrive at this short list of favorites. And… I’m sharing everything with YOU, from what camera I use, to my favorite apps, equipment and more.  

Bonus #3

Get Started QUICK Guide + Calendar

No more feeling like you don’t have any time. This guide is going to help you get started growing your Instagram right away and keep you on track! 

Bonus #4 - Access to the Private Facebook Group

Get Jamie's feedback and be able to personally ask her questions!

Jamie doesn't offer educational support or coaching outside of the Oh Hot GRAM Facebook group anymore, so the Facebook Group is the only place where you can get her feedback or have her personally answer your questions!

This is an incredible resource! Not only do you get access to Jamie, but you also have access to the hundreds of other like-minded stylists who are learning Instagram just like you!

Here's what a few Oh Hot GRAM alumns have to say about the Facebook Group:

“The Facebook Group keeps me excited about growing my business and pursuing my dreams!” - Jennifer Kerr  

“I love being a part of the Facebook group making tons of new hair buddies and being able to personally get advice from Jamie!” - Ashley Cole  

“Hands down, I can go to that place, ask a question and get an answer within a day – they want you to succeed!” - Kimberly Kennedy

THESE GIRLS DID IT (and so can you)

Read Kimberly's Story...

Kimberly Kennedy @kimberlymariestylist – 8,181 followers and counting  

“Now, my clients bring in my photos for their inspiration!” 

Before doing Oh Hot GRAM, I felt lost – I was lacking the resources, support and knowledge to take my business to the next level. 

My Instagram page saw moderate growth, but with zero clue about hashtags, branding and photography, I wasn’t able to monetize my efforts. 

Enter Oh Hot GRAM. 

I found Oh Hot GRAM because of Jamie’s hashtags – an Instagram course specifically for hair stylists? I felt I’d hit the Jackpot! 

Jamie taught us branding + photography skills and gave us the insider’s scoop on how to take over Instagram: when + what to post, overall layout and how to make our page look cohesive and gorgeous – and above all… how to add value to our business for our clients. The results? 

It started off immediately: after I posted my first high quality picture, inquiries started flooding in. I started receiving 3-5 inquires per week & now I receive about 6-8 per week (I just got 5 yesterday!). 

Now I’m in the position, my schedule is fully booked with... as Jamie would say, "my dream clients"! 

Because of high demand, I’ve raised my prices twice this year and it is looking like I will be having another price increase later this year. I’m currently bringing 25% more money home than last year – allowing me to put more money toward my retirement & savings, as well as take vacations with family. 

My work is being featured on Modernsalon, Behindthechair and Pulpriothair, just to name a few. I have made the best connections through Instagram, it’s really an amazing platform! 

I really consider what I do as art, and to have that admired by the world is such a good feeling. 

I will forever be thankful to Jamie for sharing her knowledge with us!

Read Caitlin's Story...

Caitlin Lozano @caitlin_does_color – 5,421 followers and counting

"Since joining Oh Hot GRAM, I’ve increased my annual income with over $30,000.00” 

In the salon where I work (as a commission stylist and color director) the idea of marketing was word of mouth and yelp reviews. It worked ok, but when I saw Instagram take off, I knew it was time to step up my game. 

The results have been tremendous. 

We get so many inquiries from Instagram that we’ve added an Instagram button to our booking system, just to track it! 

Instagram has helped me build a dream clientele, within months. 

I was even nominated by a company to be the guest artist on stage. I didn’t apply – THEY found me, on Instagram. This wouldn’t have happened without Oh Hot GRAM. 

And there’s more…

In our salon, you have to hit certain benchmarks in order to get a level jump. 

Since joining Oh Hot GRAM, I’ve gone up a level 3 times – increasing my annual income with over $30,000.00 – thanks to more clients, raising my prices, and having more opportunities for retail sales. 

With those numbers, you can clearly see that Oh Hot GRAM is priceless.  

I tell any stylist they have to do Oh Hot GRAM, no matter what. 

You’ll see a huge difference in your business, like growing a dream clientele, becoming an educator and getting noticed by big hair companies and hair shows. 

Even if you don’t get to it right now, enroll just to have it in your back pocket – so you can move your business forward, when you’re ready! 

Read Renee's Story...

Renee Arnold @reneearnoldhair – 12.4k followers and counting  

“They’re young, hip and when they walk into my salon, they already love my work.” 

About a year ago, I was seriously contemplating getting out of the industry. 

Because I’m operating solo, I wasn’t experiencing other people’s work and their passion for the industry – frankly, I was bored and uninspired. 

Oh Hot GRAM flipped the table. 

I now pick the people I want to work with – my dream clients are knocking down my door. They’re young, hip and when they walk into my salon they already love my work. 

Thanks to Oh Hot GRAM, I’m now an educator for The Business of Balayage. Having my “stuff” together, gave me the confidence to apply. I was able to showcase my very best work. 

The girls from The Business of Balayage ask me to share the secret behind my gorgeous page and big following. I always refer them to Jamie. 

In the beginning, I didn’t believe I had an “eye” for photography, but with Jamie’s instructions I got better and better. Now I know when I’ve snapped a good shot! 

Jamie blew me away with her genuine and approachable teaching style. She’s receptive, always willing to help and down to earth. 

I spend a little less than an hour on Instagram every day – planning, taking pictures, posing, adjusting lighting and it has paid off big time: 

I’ve upped my prices – I’m booked out 4-6 weeks in advance and get 1-5 new inquiries a DAY. 


If you can show you did the work (up to module 5) and are unhappy with the course for any reason, let me know within 30 days of purchase and I’ll give you a full refund!


“I think everyone should take this course! It's absolutely worth the price and if you think "Is it really?".... this is your career and if you really want to grow you HAVE to invest or you'll fall behind everyone else.” - Bekah Tutwiler @bekah_hair 

If you’re tired of waiting for walk-ins or referrals…. 

If you’re done promoting your classes while you see others’ classes sell out 

If you’re at a point in your career where you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business 

If you want a proven strategy to grow your following and… turn that following into CASH… 


Still on the fence? 


After doing Oh Hot GRAM, alumni Kimberly now brings home 25% more money, Caitlin hit her benchmarks and increased her income by $30,000 within months, and Renee landed invaluable educational opportunities, that’ll pay again and again. 

Believe me when I say Oh Hot GRAM is worth it. 

Heck… YOU’RE worth it! 

© 2018 Jamie Dana| Legal Information