Here's what RISE Social Academy students have to say about the program over the years...

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Myam gained 250 new followers and was able to start only accepting services she wants to specialize in!

Jaime got 7 new clients in one month from Instagram all while doubling her following and engagement!

 Emily moved to a new town and is consistently booked out 4-5 weeks out!

Kathryn got so booked out for months from Instagram, she had to hire an assistant!

Brittany is now booked 4 to 8 weeks out!

Chelsea doesn't dread using Instagram anymore!

98% of Traci's new clients come from Instagram!

"I love this Jamie! ❤️ I typically receive 3-5 inquiries per week through Instagram. I’m booked out for 6-8 weeks and 98% of my new clients come through Instagram. Since I am so booked, I can choose who I schedule. After changing up some hashtags, I have several driving 45 mins to an hour to see me. I’m currently working with 2 brands and have been reposted by several brands over the last few months. I have recently adjusted my schedule to only work 4 days a week now." - Traci Hayes Laster 

Chandler implemented a method inside RISE Social Academy and got a new client within 5 minutes!

Robert was skeptical about the program at first, but is now
making almost $7,000 a month!

"Just thought I’d share with my Rise Social Academy humans that all that I’ve learned from these videos and everything is paying off! I was a little curious on how much the Rise Social Academy would really help get myself noticed more by my community, and IT HAS!!

  After starting this, it truly has jumped my business in the salon!! From starting out in a NEW SALON and TOWN with only three request clients in October 2017 bringing in barley $1000 the first month to being one of the BUSIEST stylists now hitting almost $7000/month!!! #LikeWOW.

This program has helped me change how I advertise myself and actually help mold me into the stylist I always wanted to be noticed as. Thank you Jamie Dana for creating this program and being such a huge influence to all of us here who are learning and growing everyday!! You’re the best!!" - Robert L. Martinez

Linda knew nothing about Instagram and now her salon's staff is booked weeks in advanced with dream clients!

"Wanted to share a small milestone I achieved, with the help of this group! I finally took initiative to post my introduction.
Normally when I would post photos, I would try and come up with a short, clever caption to describe the hairstyle. I always posted thinking “I’m trying to sell my hairstyles” or “my brand is the different hairstyles that I do”... however, I had an “ah-ha” moment today. I realized the brand is ME! I sat and wrote the caption thinking about my audience.

Before, I would rarely post just because I was being too picky about the photo, I didn’t know what to caption it, etc. I haven’t finished the module yet, but this course has already conquered a lot of challenges that I’ve been facing. To date, it’s my most commented on photo on Instagram! People also private messaged and text me to ask where I got the extensions and they want some- so much earned business... just from ONE post!

Can’t wait to learn and grow more with you all!" - Chrissy Massay

"I love that if a question is asked within the group, Jamie usually answers. I’ve been using instastories more lately even if it’s just something silly mixed in. I always tag my location and get hundreds of views from that. My follower count has grown and I receive 3-4 inquiries a week from Instagram. I’m booked weeks in advance. I’ve been added as a product advocate for a company and I’m currently working with another start up line." - Traci Hayes Laster 

"Before RISE Social Academy, I had a desire to use my Instagram for both business and personal in a way that made sense to my followers. I wanted it to be a space to share stories, create community & show off my work! After working through Rise Social Academy, I now have a plan set in place for the week ahead instead of aimlessly attempting to create what I envisioned in my head. I was encouraged to keep leaning into the combination of personal and business, and I believe I’m learning how to balance that well. I have gained followers, began getting client inquiries, and have clients showing me my photos for their hair inspiration!! Rise Social Academy has been, and continues to be a game changer for me!!" - Devin Sutter

"Before I took RISE Social Academy last year, I was just aimlessly posting my work into a void. A year later, I have almost tripled my following, gained the clientele I want (even with moving salons), and gained a real community that engages in each other’s work! It has not only led to clients in my chair, but true friends like Jamie and other like minded stylists that build each other up. Because of the brand I created I have gotten interviews with websites, features on hair Instagrams, and paid photoshoots. Jamie’s class and Facebook group has created endless possibilities for where you want to go, while also having a support system where you can ask your questions without feeling embarrassed. WE ALL care about the success of one another. No where to go but up!" - Chelsi Freeborn

"I started RISE Social Academy about 8 months into owning my own studio. I started with the free class and knew I needed more! So I decided to purchase the full course and let me tell you it was the greatest decision I could have made! It has helped me grow my business tremendously to the point where I’m booked out at least 3-4 weeks! And it only continues to grow! Every stylist that I know or meet I tell them about it and highly recommend! I am so grateful for Jamie and RISE Social Academy! I cannot thank her enough!" - Lexie Brewer

"RISE Social Academy has changed my career and social media life so much! I started my business Instagram page around 5 years ago and I had used it more to showcase my work to my clients but I had never thought to use it to actually bring clients in! Jamie’s RISE Social Academy course changed everything for me, by teaching me how to focus my images and posts to attract the clients I actually wanted. It also taught me how to showcase my work, create my brand and include my personality through my images while still keeping it super professional. By following Jamie’s course I’ve been able to bring in new clients and I’m now doing the hair I’ve always dreamed of doing! Thank you Jamie!" - Shelby

"Jamie Dana's program has helped me grow my IG page, dial in my true brand, and drive my DREAM CLIENTS right to my inbox. Before this class I did't have the confidence to truly market to that one dream client. Now the growth I have, is truly people in my tribe. We have clients find us who share in our eco conscious values and are looking for the exact services we specialize in. This was legit the best decision I made for my business last year." - Verde Boutique Salon 

"I had resisted social media for long enough but found it incredibly intimidating. I mean how could I possibly put out the types of images that i was seeing these other stylists doing when I had no strategy in place? I wished I could just find someone to coach me along and show me the ropes. I feel so lucky to have found RISE Social Academy, it was exactly what I was looking for. Jamie’s teaching format is so thorough and easy to follow. Learning ways to make my work look more professional has actually made social media fun rather than daunting. I’ve increased my following but more importantly my clientele. I joined RISE Social Academy when I came back to work after a year long leave and have gained a lot of my clientele back as well as new clients all thanks to the program. An unexpected bonus was that I found myself doing better hair, becoming a better stylist, and making my clients feel even better about themselves. Rise Social Academy is an essential educational tool for any stylist who wants to succeed." - Michelle Pasterski

"It’s actually CRAZY what videos can do for your page! I had been stuck in a crazy plateau of losing and gaining and wasn’t going anywhere and in 1 month after posting like 4 or 5 videos spread out I’ve gained almost 4000 followers?! Insane! And then the several picture posts after one of the videos were doing really good also. Definitely shows how much more interaction and engagement it brings to your page. Thanks for all the tips!" - Marissa Neel

"So as I was sitting here checking my email, I came across an email from Jamie and it made me realize.. I haven’t logged into Rise Social Academy in 4 months and I purchased about 5 months ago.. why? IVE BEEN THAT BUSY! I have made it to the photography portion, and just with half the course, my business is booming. I went from 1 to maybe 2 clients a day to now 3-4 and gaining Atleast 3-4 new clients per week. I used to be happy if I could Atleast get $100 a day.. now that’s tripled. Making a simple change to my page, how I carry and advertise myself, taking better pictures, all of these things have WORKED! And although I haven’t used the website because I haven’t had time, that itself is a blessing! Also, everyone of your are an inspiration to me! I love seeing everyone’s advice and bomb work!! Keep it up everyone! We have lives to change!" - Courtnee LaSha McGee

"Hi Jamie. I just wanted to share my story with you! Long story short, I joined your RISE Social Academy program in September and have seen a whole lot of growth from it. However the salon I was at made it challenging for me to really brand myself. Nothing about that salon was my style which made it hard to get the content that I want. Anyways yesterday I made the decision to go by my dream salon here in my little town to see if they were hiring. The owner already knew who I was from Instagram, and didn’t even hesitate to hire me. It was seriously the best feeling ever. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing all of you wonderful knowledge. I know I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if it wasn’t for your course. I’m so excited to see where this takes me and I can’t wait to be able to really utilize everything I’ve learned! So thanks again!" - Kyndal Austin

"I doubled my December revenue from last December. For. The. Whole. Salon. #win" - Ashley Barragan

"Jamie first I want to say THANK YOU!💕 I was a little nervous investing money in myself but I KNEW if I wanted results I needed to take your RISE Social Academy course. I’m SO happy I invested because your course has blown my mind!🙃 I’ve gained more followers and clients, have had J Beverly Hills and Framar share some of my stories! AND this week my salon manager told me she thinks my online presence is awesome and wants me to do a class about social media posting to help my fellow coworkers...this is huge for me because one of my 2019 goals is to become an educator!🙌🏼 So again Jamie thank you for this and I can’t wait to attend your EMBER retreat next year!😉💕" - Amber Jenkins

"It’s only been five months back into the salon after being away for 7 years and I am almost fully booked two weeks out, and currently have retained all of my clients —95% are dream clients! I don’t have the dread towards appointments like I remember having years ago. AND Olivia Garden just reposted a stock photo I took after your guidance towards those as well!!!! It ALL has been amazing-Instagram tips/advice, encouragement and help on photos/videos + editing, setting personal goals with dream clientele & big picture goals in mind, influencer incentive programs, client appreciation ideas—I could go on and on but I am forever thankful for the confidence and tools that you have shared with me, and many others, to help me be successful and purposeful in my career! I jumped up 11 followers after that tag! I know they aren’t likely local future dream clients-but still getting a boost like that is so fun!! A huge deal for me!" - Amanda Lee

"Just want to say thank you again to RISE Social Academy and this whole community of hairstylists! I didn’t realize it, but I have gained 43 new followers on Instagram since Monday! idk about you but that is a lot! I have also booked like 4 new appts in the last week just from Instagram alone!! I can’t believe it!" - Landy De La Hoya

"I have been consistently working on my Instagram for a year. I did 6 extension models for free back in December and posted my work. I dealt with people who constantly low-balled me just so I could start building a portfolio. Today I am just starting to see the results. Current clients are asking about extensions and each post I can tell peaks their interest. I got two full paying color and extension clients last month! I booked them for a consultation and by the end they both put down a $500 deposit to book their next appointment! Last week I finally said NO to a client I have been wanting to fire for years but couldn’t because my books weren’t full. I feel so much FREEDOM and I am so glad that I didn’t give up! With out a doubt this has been the best program for the growth of my business. You’re right, success doesn’t happen overnight but doing the work, staying consistent and having a positive attitude will eventually get you results every time." - Lynea Wahlgren

"Hey Jamie!! I’ve been wanting to reach out and let you know how great RISE Social Academy has worked out for me! I just saw your recent post and it’s such perfect timing!! I’ve been doing hair and makeup only part time for the last three years after becoming a mom. Through this change I lost a lot of clients and feel like I kinda started all over again. Last year me and my husband were in a tight spot financially, we bought our house, and I went back to the “corporate world” and got a job in the medical field to make ends meet. I didn’t give up on my passion, I’ve been sacrificing my weekends and taking clients in my home salon. Still trying to build enough so that I can leave my 9-5 and go back to this full time. I started Rise Social Academy in February and I found so much direction, clarity, and confidence!! I’ve gained a few dream clients and have learned a ton! And now I’ve reached my big decision! I’m leaving my job and starting in a salon full time this July! And a lot of that is thanks to YOU! I’m so excited for this new start and I’m confident that everything happened to me in this order for a reason. I’ve learned a lot through all this and I feel like I’m finally ready to take the leap. Thank you again for sharing so much and providing so much education. I sincerely appreciate it!" - Yessie Marie

"IM FREAKING OUT!!! Since starting RISE Social Academy I have now gotten featured on TWO other artists pages! One is a big name stylist I have been following for years and has OVER 530k following her on insta! The other has over 10k! Totally fangirling!! And this is all in the last 2 weeks!" - Taylor Hyland

"I started RISE Social Academy over 6 months ago and have seen growth for sure. Even just changing my bio made my page seem more legit. With the addition of all the new people I am motivated to start over again and step my game up even more! Since I am moving to a new suite and going to be rebranding my business I figure this is the perfect time! So excited!!" - Stefanie Wright

"The funniest thing I learned from Jamie when I first met her in NYC, was that I could toggle between two Instagrams! ever since I was able to separate my personal account and salon account, I've been able to really concentrate on growing myself as an individual. I finally hit my first thousand followers because of what I've learned from RISE Social Academy! Slowly but surely I'm growing and I can't wait to see how I can influence others through my account! BTW... I love you Jamie and I love this page. I love reading what everyone has to say and questions they have. It's one of the few groups I love to be a part of." - Megan Diez Omeliancic

"RISE Social Academy has helped me grow my IG page, dial in my true brand, and drive my DREAM CLIENTS right to my inbox. Before this class I didn't have the confidence to truly market to that one dream client. Now the growth I have, is truly people in my tribe. We have clients find us who share in our eco conscious values and are looking for the exact services we specialize in. This was legit the best decision I made for my business last year." - Ashley Feeley

"I started RSA a few months back, I graduated exactly a year ago to be a licensed hairstylist that day. I was ready to show the world my work and what I could do, I just didn't know how. Jamie helped me so much with her online courses and the private fb page! I set some goals and I reached them much quicker then I expected. Even though I live in Holland I can use everything she teaches and I can't wait to grow my page so much more." - Jannie Kater

"Wow! My business has BOOMED since RISE Social Academy. I continue to tell all my hairstylists friends and salon owners that this is the one thing they need to really take their salon/career to the next level. Since being in the program, my business has been published 3 times on on-line magazines and am also in the process of working with editor in chief for a national bridal magazine. My number one goal was to be recognized nationwide for my unique mobile business and RISE Social Academy is what really took me there. Having a clean social media and knowing how to take professional hair photos completely changed my look online and put me in the pathway of my goals. Thank you, Jamie Dana!" - Jamie Nelson 

"Hi Jamie! First, thank you so much! Thank you for inspiring me everyday. Thank you for motivating me with all of your content. And thank you for introducing me to this program! Since starting my career I have wanted to go back to school to take classes on marketing, business, and even photography. What has stopped me is the amount of time it would take, the scheduling conflicts, and even the fact that it was going to be broad information that applies to all industries. I have been dying for a program like yours. I’m tech savvy and a huge reader (literally read ALL of your emails, they truly inspire me to do more everyday for my career) so I get a lot out of online courses. It fits my schedule and caters to ME. The beginning of 2019 marks the third year of my being out of school. In the last month of my following you on instagram and using the little tips and tricks you provide your audience with, I have already seen a steady growth in my business. Not only am I getting noticed more and reaching more users, I am getting 1-3 new inquiries a week through insta alone (to my previous 0) and consistently getting new followers each day. You have shown me how to be more proactive about my business. I attended your instagram formula class and I fell in love with the way you present information. Watching you live on instagram today made me confident that I HAD to join Rise Social Academy. I’m sure you are bombarded by emails each day, when you get a chance to read this I hope you understand how truly grateful I am for you. Now, I am off to join Rise Social Academy!" - Hallie Wutzke

"Just thought I would post a before RISE Social Academy pic and my after RISE Social Academy little video! So much has changed with my page AND salon guest count this year. I went from having availability to being 7-8 weeks booked out this year. I have more and more engagement (when I post and do the work.) It was and IS a process but it has been sooooo worth it!!!" - Jessica Wren

"Just found out that my Instagram made NUMBER 2 on St. Clouds Mix949 top 5 Instagram account! I don’t usually share a whole lot on Facebook, but I can’t help but be a little happy that the St. Cloud community notices me and my work! #MadeMyDay I couldn’t be more proud and thankful for all the blessings I’ve had in the last year!" - Robert L. Martinez

"My before and after of my instagram slowly making progress but so far I can say I have learned so much and I am glad I decided to invest in my business. I can see my progress and couldn’t be happier." - Lillian Soria

"This is so great! I’ve only been doing the program for about a month, but I have gone from 1,600 followers to 3k! Here’s a before and after of my Instagram from a months difference!" - Colleen Fox

"My follower count hasn’t grown a ton, but that wasn’t really my goal. However, I’m now booked solid for all of February, and I’m getting at least 1 new client inquiry everyday! I have only been in the program since November, and I started maternity leave in December/Part of January. So I have been able to do this without even being behind the chair!" - Kimber Chapman

"I’ve been working with RSA for only 2 months now, but the whole reason I decided to invest in the program, was because of your class I took at Worlds Fair in September. This before and after was only ONE MONTH difference, from a one hour class, that I started implementing into my life/business immediately. TWO of my major goals have been reached since then: 1- improving the quality of my instagram, and 2- I was completely booked for all of January before the month had even started, I got pneumonia this month and still managed to fit more clients in at the end of the month. ❤️" - Lauren Woodin

"I’ve been using RSA since November. My follower amount is steadily climbing with real, interactive followers that like and comment on my post. But that’s the smallest win, my client list has increased to the point where I will soon no longer be able to take new clients!!! And some top stylist and salon industry influencers have not only “liked” many of my post but also now follow my page. I am now at the point where I can choose my clients. I do the hair that I love all day and that’s it! I just can’t call this a coincidence. I followed the program, took the notes and did the homework. This program has not only changed my @cicelydoesmyhair Instagram page but it has changed how I market myself. And that’s priceless!" - Cicely R Oliver Wagner

"Hey Jamie! I know you get millions of DMs and emails everyday, however I just had to share some magic with you.

I’ve been a stylist for 15+years. I had a decent clientele then my family moved to Tucson AZ and I knew it was going to difficult but I have a 12 yr old boy (just him and I ) and didn’t want to separate him from my parents.

I have been struggling for a year and half. Everything about what I learned on getting clients completely has changed. Social media has changed the game! I have been so scared of social media bc I don’t understand or don’t want to look foolish. Your RSA program has been a game changer! I was so impressed with you from the start of the free workshop I did on Instagram.

I almost didn’t join RSA bc of cost and I wasn’t looking for an easy way or a get rich quick scheme. Something in my gut just told me to join, so I did. Honestly, when I saw the amount of students in the FB group I thought I made a big mistake. I thought I fell for a scheme.

From the free class to the Quick start to the video layout I’m learning so MUCH! Every question I have or thought or if I’m confused you answer everything! You truly thought of everything with this program. I can’t quit talking about it!

I know this is long BUT, words CANNOT describe how helpful, empowered and grateful I am to you and your team for bringing this baby into existence. This is a one of a kind program. Sure, I keep seeing imitations and such but you are so impressive and talented beyond measure! I will always be super grateful to you! Thank you for helping me be able to stay in the profession I adore and that I’m good at!

PS. For me personally, I’m going to finish all modules then immediately go back and do them again. I’ve learned so much and put so many new ideas and concepts in motion that I need to watch everything at least 2x!!! Some more! Anyways, I really LOVE IT! Thank you so very much!" - Katie Ruppel

"I have to say, after taking RISE Social Academy, I am feeling 100% better about managing my brand......but there is always room for improvement! Left is before the class, right is after. I would love to hear your thoughts!!" - Morgan Kmetzsch

"The power of a hashtag" - Kate

"Hey girl I wanted to share this victory with you! I am in Voyage Phoenix Magazine! Now they want to do an article about me and my journey. All of this wouldn’t be happening without your help! Your program works. I’ve been getting reposted by bigger hair pages, new clients here and there, magazine write ups, I’ve gained over 200 hundred or more followers since your program. I am still building my clientele, but have been getting my dream clients in my chair. I am in a salon studio too, because of your program I am confident I will grow. Thank you Jamie you’re such a blessing to many." - Yvette Sandoval

"Hey guys!! Jamie posted last week about making big decisions and I reached out to her with my story. Of course I wanted to share it with you all as well!! This program has helped me so much and got me prepared for a big step I’m about to take. I’ve been doing hair and makeup only part time for the last three years after becoming a mom. Through this change I lost a lot of clients and feel like I kinda stared all over again. Last year me and my husband were in a tight spot financially, we bought our house, and I went back to the “corporate world” and got a job in the medical field to make ends meet. I didn’t give up on my passion, I’ve been sacrificing my weekends and taking clients in my home salon. Still trying to build enough so that I can leave my 9-5 and go back to this full time. I started Rise Social Academy in February and I found so much direction, clarity, and confidence!! I’ve gained a few dream clients and have learned a ton! And now I’ve reached my big decision! I’m leaving my job and starting in a salon full time this July! And a lot of that is thanks to Jamie and this program! I’m so excited for this new start and I’m confident that everything happened to me in this order for a reason. I’ve learned a lot through all this and I feel like I’m finally ready to take the leap!" - Yessenia Fonte

"Hey friends! Just wanted to share... My page has changed so much... I forget how far it’s come since starting RISE Social Academy since I stare it so much. It’s weird to step back and scroll way down and see the difference. I actually enjoy what I see for the most part, haha. And that is rare. I moved from Alabama to California last year and the main reason I feel like I’ve been able to get into my new salon and gain new clients is from my Instagram and using specific hashtags. It has been an invaluable investment into my career. And the support and encouragement in this community is amazing. I still feel like I’m growing and always improving, but I would have never got this far without this program. Thank you Jamie & Mark!" - Wendy Stuckey

"Okay so I’ve been slowly working on my instagram with the goal of getting new clients. I started this program a couple years ago but 10 months ago I switched salons and I wasn’t as good at being consistent with the program. So I had to restart but in the best way! I’ve had new clients here and there but mostly from referrals. I’ve finally started to post more regularly in the last couple months and.... this last week I got 3 new clients from Instagram! AND 2 of them were total DREAM CLIENTS!! It’s actually paying off!" - Chavaun DeVore

"Finally got to play with some picture editing!! This module has definitely been the most fun for me, it’s been such an eye opener to be editing with the goal of making the hair look like it did in person vs making it stand out when someone is scrolling!" - Cierra Crandall

"I just want to say a massive thank you Jamie Dana this course is amazing! I have only been able to make a few small changes to my instagram but the flow on effect has been awesome in the last 2 weeks I have gained 5 new dream clients who have all rebooked with me. All of them are exactly the same as my dream client it’s a little spooky lol. I am just so grateful for being able to do RISE Social Academy and I can’t wait to see what happens in my business when I implement more of the course. Thanks again!" - Samantha Parsons

"So I was struggling with captions ( the caption workbook is so amazing). I wanted to know what my audience wanted to learn, so I asked. I did it on mine and my salon page and had a night of super engaging chats, booked 3 clients and now have almost 30 topics I can expand on in future posts. This is the best program ever!" - Jennessa Couture

"I just wanted to share a few wins for me! I’m so thankful I took this class. I recently raised prices (by a lot) and now I’m having more and more dream brides come to me and book right away with no questions asked & it’s just making me feel really good. This course made me realize that if I look like I have it together & start educating & showing my face more, people will like me. Then they will book me. And not just random people.. my dream clients. It’s crazy how this works!!" - Katlyn Sainz

"Jamie, I wanted to thank you for creating your program. I’m sure stylists thank you all the time. I’ve been a hairstylist for 15 years, I always new I wanted to help people and change lives. I knew from a little girl cutting my Barbies hair this was the industry for me. I have loved every moment I’ve been in this. Some days can be rough but I always remember I get to do what I love everyday. I saw your ad, I guess it was sponsored on my personal Instagram come up at the end of January. Something caught my eye, I guess how excited you were about your program. I joined your free webinar and did it that next Monday. When my husband, then fiancé, came home, he asked me what I was doing. I then proceeded to tell him all the exciting things I had just learned. He looked at me and said “it’s been a while since you’ve been excited about a class.” You know what I thought about that statement for about 4 days, and I realized I hadn’t been excited for a while to learn. I talked to him later on that 4th day and asked him how he felt about me taking your course. I told him the cost, the benefits, what I would be learning and what not. He looked at me and asked me why. I said “because I’m excited about this, this is where the industry has been going and I don’t want to ever feel like I’ve learned enough. I’ve never been that person. I told him that all I think about is our future and this is going to benefit our future.” He said “then you take this class. You’ve talked about it all week.”

I have to tell you, it took me awhile to finish. I had a lot happening this year, I got married and juggling my in-laws staying with us for a month. It was crazy but I still kept doing the things I’ve learned. I know it takes time to create a routine and honestly this program really helped me and helps me to keep the routine. It helps me be aware of what’s going on. I love all the things I’ve learned doing this. Thank you. Thank you for showing and teaching us. I’ve gotten to know different stylists through this and I found myself again. My stylist self. I truly feel I’m the best version of myself now. I felt like I was in a slump and I was missing something. This program has helped me be inspired again. Sorry this email was extremely long but I had to say thank you! Can’t wait for Rise Up LIVE!! Thank you again!" - Ashley Valentin

"Y’all. The Instagram glow-up is real!" - Kathryn Hills