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The Simplest Way for Hairstylists to Authentically Attract Dream Clients and Build a Business They LOVE using Instagram…

The doors to RISE Social Academy™ are officially closed, but we're planning on re-opening them in 2022!

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Do you feel like your business is at a stand still? But you’re either too overwhelmed or uninspired to know where to start?

You know you want to fill your days with dream clients who value you and your time and pay those premium prices...but instead you’re...


You know other stylists are getting clients from Instagram...but you have no idea how to grow YOUR following and turn followers into actual paying clients

You’ve tried using Instagram to promote your work, but nothing seems to be working for you and it’s super frustrating

You’re struggling to fill the gaps in your days and so you’re taking on clients and services that you don’t love and in return you’re dreading going to the salon some days


You’re stressed out, burnt out, and not making enough money. You want to raise your prices and make more...but you’re afraid your clients will leave.

You want to feel excited to do hair, but you’re not exactly thrilled with the clients you’re serving or the services you’re doing… and because of that, you don’t know how to promote your work because you don’t even enjoy what you’re doing


Life at the salon is already stressful with all the extra sanitizing practices and booking regulations to follow...Instagram feels like another full-time job on top of what you’re already doing!

You’re overwhelmed with all there is to do with Instagram; from when to post, to how to take pictures, how to write engaging captions, how to attract real followers and turn them into actual clients, etc.

You are so overwhelmed with where to start that you feel uninspired to even start to begin with.

No matter what, you know you NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE because what you're currently doing is not working.

You might be afraid that if you don’t change something soon...that you’ll have to get a second job to make ends meet. You’re losing your passion because you aren’t making enough money, you don’t love the clientele you currently have, or you're doing services you don’t enjoy because you feel like you can’t afford to turn any clients away.  

And deep down, you’re afraid that if you don’t start doing SOMETHING different...you may end up hating your career and wanting to actually quit. 

And I know deep down, you love doing hair, but you want to fill your days with dream clients that you look forward to seeing…doing services you love doing…and you want to make good money while doing it!

You can walk into the salon each day, feeling excited to do hair because you know you’ve got a calendar full of clients you absolutely LOVE working with (and they happily pay you premium prices for your work)

You can be booked out for months in advance and have a waitlist of dream clients who can’t wait to book an appointment with you

You have clients walking in, handing you their iPhone with YOUR Instagram page pulled up, showing you your own work as their inspiration pic

You can confidently raise your prices because you’re already booked out 2-3 months in advance. Clients want YOU and YOUR work and are willing to pay for it.

You can say no to clients that don’t fill your cup or value your time or work and you can turn down services that you don’t like doing.

You can decide you want Saturdays off...or only work 3 days a week...and still make just as much (if not more) money than when you were working 5 days a week

You can have brands and influencers reaching out to feature your work and be able to fulfill your dream of becoming an educator or opening a salon

And what if all of this was possible just by using a simple, proven strategy for building a business you love from Instagram?

(even during everything that has happened in the past year?)


How would it change your life if you could be making more money doing what you love?

Would you take a Saturday off every month?  

Or decide you’re not working Saturdays at the salon AT ALL?  

Imagine what it would be like to make the same amount of money and work 3 days instead of 5…  

Or even to make MORE money...even though you’re working less.  

I know, I know...it doesn’t seem possible.  

I didn’t believe it either until it happened to me.

I struggled as a hairstylist. I was either bored in the salon, with no clients to work with...or I was working my butt off for clients who didn’t appreciate the value of what I did.

I was only making

$152.50 a week…

I was sacrificing so much for so little…And I knew I couldn’t keep doing that.

So I started studying how other hairstylists were growing their businesses on Instagram…

I started testing. Failing. Making embarrassing mistakes. And failing again.

Until I finally figured it out.

I’ll never forget the first client I got from Instagram.

She brought in pics from MY page as inspiration!

I was shocked! But I knew I was onto something…

So I kept going.

I started making more money. Clients started coming to me. My Instagram following started to grow. 

And in just a couple years, I had increased my income to the point where I was making over $1,000 a day in the salon.

That’s when I knew that I couldn’t keep this to myself...Instagram changed my life.

And now...it’s your turn. 

This is exactly why I created RISE Social Academy...

to take you from stressed out, uninspired, not booked, and not loving your job....to booked out for months in advance doing hair you love all while spending less than 30 mins a day on your Instagram.

And the last year has shown us that it’s more important than ever to have a proven strategy for using Instagram to get new clients

I’ve done all the work for you...made all the mistakes so you don’t have to...and failed so you can learn from me.

That could truly be your life...because built into RISE Social Academy are the exact steps you need to get there.  


Jennifer Kerr @girlgonebronde

“I purchased RISE Social Academy because I felt like there was something I was missing about Instagram that I couldn't figure out!

Most of my new clients this past month have all been through Instagram!  

It's so exciting to hear them say, "I found you with "this" hashtag and all your work looked amazing".  

I'm shocked by how many people use Instagram to find their hairstylists! I feel so confident using Instagram after this program as well as a business person!”

Hullema Reddick @hstylze

I sold nearly $15,000 worth of retail products throughout the pandemic while my salon was completely shut down because I’d been using the framework to promote myself and my salon on Instagram using the RISE Social Academy system.

It has been such a great investment!”

Ashlee Cole @ashleec615 

“I felt lost when it came to Instagram. I follow tons of hairstylists and they had very professional looking pages and as much as I tried I was missing something.

RSA filled in the holes for me! After the first month, I gained over 150 new followers and I book a new color client every week!

I am way more confident in myself and my business after taking RISE Social Academy! I feel it's helped motivate me to be better in many different areas of my business. I know I'm on my way to achieving my ultimate goal!”

Elise Carter @eliseccarter

“As a busy mom of two, trying to continue to grow my business, Rise Social Academy was exactly what I needed!

I didn’t have time to research and master Instagram on my own... and then I found RISE Social Academy! Everything I needed to learn was instantly at my fingertips. No researching, no failed attempts on my own, and no wasted time.

As a result, I have transformed my Instagram, grown my following and clientele and most importantly, I haven’t taken time away from my baby boys. Thank you Jamie!”

What is RISE Social Academy?

RISE Social Academy is the only proven step-by-step online program that teaches hairstylists exactly how to share what they do on Instagram so that they can attract more of the right kind of clients and build a business they truly love without sacrificing their sanity!

RISE Social Academy has 8 modules that are designed to help you start getting clients on Instagram without overwhelming you with too much information!  

I’ve designed this to take all of the stress out of the process. All you need to do is follow the process and you’ll be successful!


How to Build Your Instagram Foundation for Success



Having a strong foundation is what leads to success on Instagram and without it, you most likely won't see the growth you're looking for in your business.

First, we are going to define WHY you are using Instagram in the first place and start by setting a plan of action and goals so that you start moving (and only growing) in the right direction.

Then we are going to dissect exactly who you are talking to so that when your dream client or customer lands on your page or sees your content, they first fall in love with you, click the follow button, and HAVE to work with you.

Lastly, we're going to design your unique brand and what you uniquely specialize in so that you stand out from every other stylist or salon out there.

Lessons Inside:

  • 1.1 Why are You Using Instagram?
  • 1.2 Setting Business Goals for Your Instagram
  • 1.3 Defining Your Dream Client and Who You're Talking To
  • 1.4 Standing Out from the Crowd with Your Unique Brand
  • 1.5 Designing Your Instagram Brand
  • 1.6 Figuring Out What You Specialize In

Setting Up Your Page to Attract the Right Followers



In Module 2, we’re going to be examining your client and customer experience when someone lands on your Instagram page to make sure that only the right followers are clicking the follow button.

We want to make sure you’re not accidentally attracting the wrong people or followers while also making sure you’re not missing out on potential followers and clients!

We’re going to be setting up your page for success by optimizing your bio, username, profile photo, and Instagram Story Highlights and at the end of this Module, keep an eye out for a BONUS lesson to help you BOOST the amount of potential clients finding your page!

By the end of this module, you’re going to have set up the foundation for your page so that you start out strong and only be attracting the right kind of followers (who turn into clients and customers) from the beginning!

Lessons inside:

  • 2.1 Your Follower Experience
  • 2.2 Establishing your Business Page
  • 2.3 Setting Up Your Page for Success
  • 2.4 Optimizing Your Bio
  • 2.5 Enhancing Your Follower Experience with IG Highlights

How to Take Professional-Quality Pictures Every Single Time 



Instagram is such a visual platform and you might have noticed, if your photos don't look good, your page won’t look good.

In this module, I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about taking amazing hair photos that show off your incredible work.

This module alone will save you hours and hours of frustrating Google searches, trying to figure out how to take quality photos. 

I used to be a photographer before I did hair, so I’ve put everything you need to know into a step-by-step system that is super easy to follow even if you don’t have any photography skills whatsoever!

This module is designed to help you effortlessly create beautiful photos of your work that attract the right followers and turn them into clients and customers!

If you've ever struggled with getting the hair to look like it did in real life, I got you covered! You're going to learn everything from shooting with a phone or camera, posing, lighting, editing, everything you need to know to make your Instagram page look its best!

Lessons inside:

  • 3.1 Hair Photography: Starting with the Basics
  • 3.2 Do's and Don'ts of Taking Hair Photos
  • 3.3 Hair Photography Tips and Guidelines
  • 3.4 Camera vs Phone: Which One You Should Use
  • 3.5 Client Posing: How to Take Amazing Photos of Your Clients
  • 3.6 What You Need to Know About Lighting
  • 3.7 Lighting Comparison: What Lights You Should Use
  • 3.8 How to Edit Your Photos
  • 3.9 Creative Editing

How to Guarantee Your Dream Clients Fall In Love the Instant They Find You 



Did you know that having a messy or non-branded page could actually cause clients to ignore you?

That's why it's so important your page looks cohesive and professional so you can easily stand out and attract the kinds of followers who become clients!

I'm going to teach you how to create a clean + cohesive page...even if it’s currently messy, disorganized, or empty. This way, you can easily show off your personal style and start attracting clients and customers that want to work with you!

And don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest your page needs to look “perfect” polished or something that feels inauthentic to you, I’m going to help you figure out what your page style is so you can incorporate your brand and personality to attract the right people!

Having a cohesive and branded page is the thing that makes you stand out and entices people to click the follow button and by the end of this module, you’ll know the exact steps to get there!

Lessons inside:

  • 4.1 Sharing About YOU
  • 4.2 Creating a Clean and Cohesive Page
  • 4.3 Cohesive Page Tips and Examples
  • 4.4 Page Layout: Guidelines
  • 4.5 Defining Your Page Style
  • 4.6 Your Top Nine Posts
  • 4.7 Incorporating Your Brand Into Your Page Layout
  • 4.8 How Your Content Affects Your Page
  • 4.9 Cleaning Up Your Page

How to Create Content that Turns Followers Into Paying Clients



Creating content can feel overwhelming and like a never ending job. Have you ever said: "I don't know what to post next" or "I hate writing captions because I never know what to say!"

You're not alone. In fact, creating good content is hard, but in this module, I'm here to walk you through step by step my creation strategies and give you TONS of new content ideas including photo ideas and caption prompts so you don't get stuck again!

Instagram has evolved and posting just "okay" content doesn't work anymore. This module is going to help you overcome that struggle by helping you create unique content designed specifically for your audience and potential followers!

We’re also going to dive into Instagram Story strategies to help you connect with your audience on a deeper level and help convert them into paying clients and customers!

Lessons inside:

  • 5.1 Creating Valuable Content
  • 5.2 Adding Your Personality: Sharing Who You Are with Your Audience
  • 5.3 How to Properly Use Stock and Filler Photos
  • 5.4 How to Write Captions that Capture + Connect + Convert
  • 5.5 Writing More Engaging Captions
  • 5.6 Instagram Story Guidelines
  • 5.7 Instagram Story Content Strategy
  • 5.8 Instagram Story Creative Tips
  • 5.9 Creating Consistent Content without Burning Out

How to Attract Followers and Grow Your Instagram



Let's face it, it's harder to grow on Instagram than it ever has been before and if you don't have a solid growth strategy, you are going to feel like you're getting nowhere or not seeing any results!

In this module, I'm going to break down how to convert followers into clients or customers, what you need to do to stay ahead of the algorithm, and how to grow your page authentically while gaining the right kind of followers (not random people from Russia or spam accounts!).

You're also going to learn about why it's important to not just focus on gaining NEW clients, but learning how to retain your current clients and nurturing potential clients.

At the end of the day, I want you to be able to make more money and have a career you absolutely love. The strategies in this module are exactly what can get you there!

Lessons inside:

  • 6.1 The Long Game: Followers, growth, and engagement
  • 6.2 The Client Journey: How to get followers to become clients
  • 6.3 The R.A.N. Framework
  • 6.4 How the Algorithm Works and How to Use it to Your Benefit
  • 6.5 Tricks to Authentically Stay Ahead of the Algorithm
  • 6.6 Growing Your Page with the Right Followers
  • 6.7 Attracting Dream Clients and Followers with Hashtags
  • 6.8 Answering All of Your Questions About Posting on Instagram
  • 6.9 Influencer Marketing: Using Your Clients as Influencers

The Secret to Spending Less Than 30
Minutes a Day On Your Instagram



I know that Instagram can feel like it takes up SO much of your time and if you don't have a system for maintaining your page, it's going to take way more time than it needs to!

In this module, I'm going to teach you how to analyze what is working with your page and what needs to change so that you're only creating the best content your audience wants to see and not wasting your time with what doesn't work. Then I'm going to show you how to stay consistent with your page by only spending under 30 mins a day or less working on your page!

These techniques will help you feel way more organized, less stressed, and keep you posting consistently without having to think about it!

Plus I’m going to walk you through how to be able to take a break from Instagram without losing your momentum. The last thing I want is for you to feel like Instagram is a burden or a second job and sometimes, we need a break! By the end of this module, you’ll have a fully built maintenance schedule that allows you to take breaks when needed without losing clients! 

Lessons inside:

  • 7.1 Analytics: How to Track Your Growth
  • 7.2 Follower Interaction: How to Determine What Content You Should Create More of
  • 7.3 How to Prep All of Your Content Ahead of Time
  • 7.4 Maintenance Schedule: Staying Consistent and on Track
  • 7.5 How to Be Able to Take a Break from Instagram without Losing Your Momentum

How to Shoot, Edit, and Post Videos That Go Viral



In this final Module, I'm going to teach you the advanced techniques of creating amazing video content! If you aren't posting video content on your page, you are missing a HUGE growth opportunity!

Instagram (and the algorithm) highly value videos and video content which is why I'm going to teach you how to shoot, edit, and post videos that go viral! No one is talking about this secret growth tactic; if you feel like your page is stagnant or you're not seeing growth, this module is going to blow your mind!

I know that video can sometimes feel intimidating and overwhelming, but I'm going to walk you through step by step everything you need to know to create amazing videos that help you grow your page and attract more of the right followers to you!

By the end of this module, you’ll know how to create, shoot, and edit videos that not only engage with your audience and help them to get to know you better, but also help boost your engagement and grow your page in the meantime!

Lessons inside:

  • 8.1 Why Video is so Important and How to Best Utilize It
  • 8.2 The Types of Video that Do Well
  • 8.3 How to Shoot Your Videos Easily
  • 8.4 How to Edit Your Videos Step by Step
  • 8.5 Tips for Posting Your Video so it Gets More Engagement
  • 8.6 How to Use Instagram Live to Connect with Your Audience
  • 8.7 How to best utilize IGTV
  • 8.8 How to use Instagram Reels to Grow Your Audience

RSA Alumni, Kaila Went from Feeling Lost, Incapable, and Unworthy of Success...to Making More Than She Ever Has in Her 10 Years Doing Hair

“About a year ago I was ready to walk away from my career as a hairstylist. I thought I was lost, incapable and unworthy of success.

Today I am making more than I’ve ever made in my 10 years being in the industry and the best part is - I know that I’m not maxed out, I can literally make as much as I want to, provided I put in the work.

I went from paying for part time rent, but only being booked half of that, to renting 100% on my own, downtown in my city and being booked 1.5-2 months with DREAM CLIENTS.

I’m absolutely mind blown.

I took a leap of faith & I signed up for this program.

I started to believe in myself.

I didn’t let my limiting beliefs stop me.

Thank you Jamie & Mark for the work you both do to make this program & support group what it is and especially thank you to everyone in RISE Social Academy!"

- Kaila Golmicz (@hairbykailag) - 1,464 followers and counting

Rise Social Academy is all about...

Attracting more dream clients who you love (and they love you back)

Making more money from being booked out and being able to raise your prices + charging your worth

Having a business + life that brings you joy