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Done for you Instagram Content for Hairstylists + Salons

...including Fill in the Blank Caption Templates, Hair + Lifestyle Stock Photos, and a Community of Thousands of Like-Minded Hairstylists to Support You!

The doors to The Social Suite are currently closed to new members, but we plan to re-open them again in early 2023!

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The Social Suite

...the only Instagram Content Membership for hairstylists and salon owners to help you save time + post consistently without having to create everything on your own!

How Would It Feel To...

Show Up Consistently On Instagram Without Feeling Overwhelmed

With The Social Suite, it takes less than 5 minutes a day to choose a gorgeous stock photo and pair it with a fill in the blank caption that’s strategically designed to convert lurking followers into paying clients!

Finally Enjoy
Instagram Again

With done-for-you stock photos, caption templates and prompts, and customizable Instagram graphics; The Social Suite is like having an employee who creates content FOR you! Which means you can just show up and have fun on Instagram without worrying about always having to create content!

Always Have Something To Post...Even When You Don't Know What to Say

If you hate writing captions or never know what to say, you’re going to LOVE The Social Suite! It’s overwhelming enough feeling like you need to post all the time, but with The Social Suite, you literally have a month’s worth of fill in the blank captions and prompts so you don’t have to think of captions, just fill in the blanks and BAM you’re done!

Get Feedback, Support and a Community of Thousands of Like-Minded Hairstylists

Social Suite Members get access to our private Facebook community filled with thousands of our members who are always there to offer feedback, answer your questions, and help you grow your business on Instagram just like them!

Every Month You'll Get...


  • 45 Hair and Lifestyle Stock Photos to keep your Instagram page and Stories looking fresh + branded without having to take all your photos yourself

  • 15 Customizable Caption Templates and Prompts to save you time + energy from having to always figure out what to say. Just fill them in and within minutes, you’ll have unique captions that are strategically written to convert your followers into paying clients!

  • A Surprise BONUS each month with Digital Templates (examples: Customizable Canva Templates, Graphic Posts, Instagram Story content, etc). No need to hire a graphic designer or search through a million templates, these are here to help you step up your Instagram game without having to make them on your own.


  • A new Instagram Strategy Mini Training every month to help you learn how to strategically use your Instagram to attract new clients and get them to book with you all while getting more engagement (these quick, digestible trainings are SO valuable, they’re worth the price of the membership on their own!)


  • Access to our Private Facebook Community where not only can you get support, feedback, and ask questions, but also where you get to create relationships with other hairstylists who are growing their business just like you!

The entire Social Suite Membership is designed to help you create a thriving business using Instagram without all the stress and overwhelm that comes with creating content.

Along with all the monthly digital assets and our Social Suite community, you can finally feel confident with your Instagram knowing that you are growing the type of business you want and love!

Ready to get more comments, likes, and clients with your Instagram?


Want to see a sneak peek of the content you'll get every month?

The hair and lifestyle stock photos are always taken with a variety of brands in mind, no matter what kind of hair or services you specialize in, you'll be able to have photos that work for you.

Never get stuck writing your captions. Just grab a caption template, fill it in, and within minutes, you’ll have a unique caption that is strategically written to convert your followers into paying clients AND get them to engage with your post!

Here's how a few of our members have incorporated the stock photos into their pages and made the content their own!


Cancellation Policy

The best part about The Social Suite Membership is there is no commitment, you can cancel at anytime if needed! Just send us an email to at least 7 days before your billing date in order to not be charged for your next payment! It's no risk!

Who Is Jamie Dana?

From successful 6-figure hairstylist to business mentor, Jamie has been helping hairstylists gain more clients with Instagram for the past 4 years.

With her signature online program, RISE Social Academy, Jamie has helped thousands of hairstylists completely transform their lives, make more money, and attract their absolute dream clients!

After listening to her audience and students over the past year, she heard what hairstylists needed the most when it came to Instagram and that's when she decided to create The Social Suite.

She truly wants to see hairstylists have a thriving business behind the chair and she believes Instagram is one of the best ways to get you there!


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The doors to The Social Suite are currently closed to new members, but we plan to re-open them again in early 2023!

Join the waitlist to be notified when the doors open again!